A Family Company that Farms Fish

Technology Driven

We use the latest in computer and monitoring equipment to ensure the health of our fish.

Forward Thinking

We understand your supply needs for delivering fresh fish to your clients.  Planning is key when the taste of the fish is the priority of our company.

Problem Solvers

What isn’t available for purchase off the shelf, we fabricate using innovation.

Customer Support

Our team is available for any question you may have.

Our Story

The Klassen family moved to the South Okanagan Valley in 2010. Their goal was to farm as a family. Today they enjoy raising Arctic Char and growing apples on their orchard farm.

“We chose aquaculture because of demand, and to produce healthy sustainable food.”


Know your farmer, know your food.


  • Farming 80%
  • Fabrication and Invention 60%
  • Computer Control Systems 90%
  • Aquatic Biodynamics 90%
Gary Klassen

Gary Klassen

President, lead fish wrangler

Raised on a grain and cattle farm in Northern Alberta, Gary has farming in his background. He has 25 years of experience farming hogs, bison, and cattle. He owned a business manufacturing grain bins and storage tanks. Gary is excited to be operating a family farm and enjoying the dynamics of aquaculture.
Layne Klassen

Layne Klassen

Fishery Technologist, resident computer guru

Layne is dedicated to production, management, and ensures consistent top quality fish. He always has an eye on the bottom line or profitability.


Hatchery Fabrications

Jason has been part of the farm since construction began. He excels at husbandry and keeping the fish comfortable, healthy, and growing.
Brittany Klassen

Brittany Klassen

Hatchery Manager, little fish wrangler

Brittany loves the little fish. Her intensive care results in optimal feeding and near perfect mortality rates.