Welcome to Road 17 Arctic Char

DelicaSea is a family company producing Road 17 Arctic Char. We supply our fish to restaurants across Canada. Our farm is totally sustainable, and has achieved Oceanwise approval and SeaChoice rating as green or best choice.  We strive to create an environment more consistent than nature. The ethics of our farm provide a comfortable habitat where healthy fish thrive.

Why “Hand Raised” is better

Because our well is pathogen free and our facility is enclosed, we do not need antibiotics, growth hormones, or other medications for our fish. From the moment it arrives on our farm as a tiny eyed egg; we carefully watch, nurture, and handle each fish with care. It takes 2 years of careful attention to raise a healthy Arctic Charr.

It’s all about the water

The foundation of our farm is that we draw cold water from a pathogen free aquafer. Our disciplined biosecurity program mitigates risk of disease. Water retention time is one hour before it is cleaned and enters the Okanagan River water basin system again. Our facility utilizes state of the art systems to insure consistent water quality and temperature. Our electronic feeding system maintains near perfect feed distribution and portioning. We employ cutting edge electronic systems to control CO2 levels and maintain oxygen within precise parameters.  Dozens of water conditions are monitored and alarms alert us of any changes that could jeopardize fish health.

By 2050, we expect to be feeding 9 billion people on earth.  Aquaculture is the future of a sustainable means to feed everyone.  And DelicaSea does this right!  Their fish is a solution as delicious food that is environmentally safe and reliable.

Ned Bell

Executive Chef and Owner, Naramata Inn, Naramata BC

We love DelicaSea Fish. Not only is it sustainable, it has a very high meat yield–meaning that you get a lot of good fish on your plate!  Great flavour profile and it’s always stunningly fresh because it’s local. Jon Croft

Owner, Codfathers

Local, sustainable, healthy and delicious, what more can you ask for from the food that will feed your family. Delicasea’s Arctic Char is the future.

Rob Clark

Owner, Fishcounter

Things we love about DelicaSea:  The fish is fresh!  When I lived on the Coast we couldn’t get fish this fresh – and we were next to the Pacific Ocean!  This fits perfectly with our restaurant’s philosophy of local, sustainable and awesome food.  The best part is that we can point at the DelicaSea fish farm from our restaurant balcony when a client asks where this delicious fish is from. Jeff Van Geest

Executive Chef Miradoro Restaurant, Miradoro